Pro Tips To Having A Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale

If you are planning to have a successful garage sale, here are the some useful tips to follow. I’ve had a number of successful garage sales over the years and here are my top 10 tips for having a successful sale: Collect your things and save It is always good to kick off the garage sale with good preparation. Collect … Read More

5 Good Qualities of Garage Door Repair Companies

Garage Door Company Building

1. Customer Service As garage door repair companies are selling a service, customer service is the obvious choice for number 1. From the tone the person who answers the phone uses to the actual experience you get, the customer should be a top priority throughout the entire process. This also tells you something about the quality of the company. Customer … Read More

Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

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When your garage door won’t open it not only ruins your day, but it makes you angry because most people don’t understand why. It rolls up and down every day so why should today be any different! Today we are going to go through some of the possible causes as to what could be preventing your garage door from opening. … Read More

Key Questions: Purchasing a New Garage Door

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Purchasing a new garage door might seem like a cakewalk, but first-timers learn the hard way that the process requires planning and preparation beforehand. They either end up buying the wrong sized door or an overly expensive one that dents up retirement savings. Either way, below are four key questions to ask when you are in the market for new … Read More

Preparing Your Garage Door For Winter

Winter is coming and it is time to start preparing for it. One thing you will want to do to save yourself some headache is prepare your garage door for winter. The good news is this isn’t difficult to do at all. It’s not expensive either! This post will guide you through some regular maintenance you can do to prepare … Read More

Top Garage Door Opener Brands

Choosing from all the available garage door opener brands for your garage can be important for more than one reason and you want to choose a garage door opener that is manufactured from top quality raw material and durable / robust enough to handle harsh elements (while giving you optimum security features). Here is a list of top garage door … Read More

All You Need To Know About Garage Doors

Typically, your garage door isn’t generally a very prominent part of your home. What research confirms though, is that people have always subconsciously noticed the state and style of one’s door, and because of that have made some sort of judgment from the beginning. We’ve compiled a history of the garage door in the interest of educating our customers on … Read More

3 Reasons Why Experience Is The Best Teacher

In the garage door industry, few have much to go off of other than experience, or personal training by industry professionals. Because there are no official certifications for garage door repair or replacement, a lot of the time, someone looking to make some money on a high dollar item will make himself look experienced without having any years in the … Read More

Advantages Of Insulating Your Garage Door

One of the most common looks for a garage door is the raised panel plastic made to look like wood. Although there have been improvements to the garage door’s look in the past, none of them have tackled both look and functionality until the invention of Garage Door Insulation. Today, we’re going to discuss the advantages to installing garage door … Read More

Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

Initially, converting your garage into a bedroom may seem like a simple and painless solution to whatever problem you may be having. There is usually plenty of room and you may never use your garage for much of anything. But there are certain things to keep in mind when converting your garage concerning both safety and comfort. Pros Constructing a … Read More