Preventing Garage Door Break Ins

If you’ve never seen the Internet-famous trick to getting into a garage door within seconds, you probably should. If you have, you’ve probably been worried about it, sure, but never taken any steps to ensure your belongings, yours, or your families’ safety. Today, the professionals at Reliable Garage Door Repair want to address this important garage door safety and security … Read More

Spring Repair: A Quick Video

Spring Repair is one of the more common tasks we undertake on behalf of our clients. Take a look at this short video as Roger walks us through some important tips.

Anatomy Of The Garage Door System

I’m sure you’re just dying to know how the garage door works on a mechanical and electrical level. Thanks to the genius workers at Dependable Garage Service, you can know the inner-workings of a garage door without having to get your hands dirty! Let’s start with the primary source of the lifting strength in a garage door: The Torsion Spring. … Read More

Overhead Garage Storage Options

We all want to make the use of the spare space the best we can, but not many of us know where to get started. If you are planning to organize your garage storage then let this article be a good starting place. We’ve laid out 4 great options you can follow in order to utilize the overhead garage storage … Read More

Garage Door Materials

There are various materials to be used for garage doors. Some of the options include: wood, steel, aluminum, and glass material. Today we’ll go over all these options so you can figure out which one works the best for you. 1. Wooden Garage Doors The wooden material for the garage door is the finest choice because the wood used is … Read More

Cedar Garage Door Maintenance

Cedar garage doors have started to become pretty common these days. That is mainly because of their regal natural beauty that they add to the house. In our humble opinion, they actually look way better than all the other conventional metallic doors. Are Envious Looks Worth the Effort? But with the pros comes the cons as well. The neighbor with … Read More

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is a big area when it comes to keeping your home safe. It can be the difference between someone breaking into your home, and it can shield your home and cars from weather. These garage door maintenance tips will cover a few things you can do to keep your garage door up and running, as well as … Read More

Weather Damage Prevention

Garage doors can be subject to damage from many weather elements. Both the heat and cold as well as wet or dry weather can do damage to your garage door. For example, while colder weather can put garage door springs at risk of snapping, garage door sensors can be damaged in hot weather. Below, we’ve laid out a couple of … Read More

Extension Spring Vs Torsion Springs

When you need to repair your garage door spring, it’s important to know the difference between extension spring torsion springs. Though they both perform the same function, there are important differences to note. These springs come in different types with variant configurations, so let’s analyze the properties that distinguish them from each other. Before we get to the differences, let’s … Read More

Is Your Garage Door Balanced

Whether or not your garage door is balanced can make a big difference on the performance and lifespan of your door. It’s pretty easy to check but not everyone knows how. We’ll explain how to check and what to do if you find you’re out of balance. Have fun! First, Clear The Area Safety first, right? For the types of … Read More