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What Seems To Be The Problem?

My spring is broken!

This is one of the most common problems we run into on a day to day basis. Springs have a useful life (usually 5 to 7 years) and they break when that life is up. We have repaired thousands of springs, and would be happy to help with yours.


My opener isn’t working!

There are a few main opener manufacturers and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Don’t worry about what kind of opener you have, if it’s not working we can fix it. If it’s beyond repair we can replace it.


My rollers ain’t rollin!

Rollers stop working for a number of reasons. The why doesn’t really matter so much, it’s just annoying when those rollers don’t roll! We have super high quality rollers at affordable prices built to last.


I need a new garage door!

Your garage door is likely the biggest piece of machinery in your home. It also faces the curb and therefore affects your “curb appeal”. In other words, you want your garage door to look good! We can help with that.


About Our Services

Here at GSM our garage door services focus on two things: speed and quality. We know that when our customers have a broken garage door, all they care about is getting it fixed and getting it fixed now! That is why we have a variety of technicians in each of our service areas. This setup allows us to get service to your garage door as quickly as possible. Feel free to click on any of the check marks above to learn more about our services!

What To Expect

When you call in we will assess your problem over the phone and figure out the availability of our techs near you. Then we will schedule a time for them to come out. Sometimes it’s right away, and sometimes when our techs are busy we’ll give you a 1-2 hour range. Then we have our techs give you a call when they are on their way so you know exactly when to expect them. After that, you get your garage door serviced and you’re on your way!