Garage Door Opener Repair

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Opener Repair

Problems with your garage door opener can be quite, problematic. Sometimes the problem can be quite simple and sometimes it can be a little more complicated. We’ve seen wiring problems, circuit problems, power problems, and just plain old out of date rusty equipment problems. And of course, the occasional customer who’s forgot they had previously unplugged their opener! Whatever your case, our techs are plenty experienced with garage door opener repair and can get you fixed up today.

  • Haul away and disposal of your opener included in replacement costs
  • We always carry Lift Master openers, but can replace any opener
  • We call you when we’re on our way!

Need To Get Out Of Your Garage Now?

If you have a meeting or some other reason you need to get out of your house right this second, don’t worry. Above your head you should see a red rope or something like that hanging from in front of the opener. Pull that down in order to put your opener in manual mode. Manual mode just means your door is disconnected from your opener. You should now be able to open you garage door easily with one hand, and have us come by later.

Note: If your door does not open easily with one hand, it is likely that your door is unbalanced. You should communicate this to the technician so that he can fix the problem before you need another repair because of your spring breaking due to an unbalanced door.

Garage Door Opener Repair Cost

This can be a difficult question to answer because it depends on your situation. Sometimes we can repair your existing opener, and the price will depend on what the problem is. If the problem is too great, we may need to replace your opener. Then the price depends on what motor you want. Our technicians are experts and will be able to give you all the options you need. The most important thing we’d like you to know is that when our technicians come out, they will tell you what the problem is and quote you a price before they do any repair or replacement.


We service all kinds of openers: Lift Masters, CHI, Mid-America Door, Amarr, just to name a few. Just give us a call and we’ll come take a look!