Garage Door Spring Repair

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Spring Repair

All garage door springs have a useful life of about 3-6 years. When they reach the end of their useful life they break in half, and garage doors cannot function without them. A broken spring is one of the most common problems with any door. Luckily, because it’s such a common problem, our technicians are well versed in performing garage door spring repairs. Once out to your home it can take them as little as 20-30 minutes to repair your spring, depending on your garage system. Our service is the fastest way to ensure a quality repair and move on with your day. Call now and get your garage door spring repaired today!

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Why Your Spring Is Broken

“A broken spring is the most common reason garage doors break. Springs generally have a useful life of 5-7 years, and at the end of that life they break. Unfortunately, the only option at that point is to replace the spring.”
– Roger, GSM Veteran Technician

Roger is right. Your spring takes on almost all of the weight of your door every time you open and close your door. When it reaches its useful life it snaps in half. It just can’t take all that weight anymore! Luckily, we have techs that have been doing this for a lot of years, and can get you fixed up as soon as possible.


Usually it isn’t anything you did wrong. Springs have a useful life and when that time is up they usually break in half. Home owners replace their spring about every 3-6 on average.